Car IQ Data Insight Terms

Effective Date: June 20, 2024

These Supplemental Platform Terms and Conditions for Data Services (the “Data Insight Terms”) supplement the Car IQ Platform Terms and Conditions (the “Platform Terms”) as set forth in Section 1.2 of the Platform Terms.  You acknowledge that these Data Insight Terms form an integral part of your Master Services Agreement with Car IQ Inc. (“Car IQ”), which also incorporates by reference the Card IQ Vehicle Charge Card Agreement (the “Card Agreement”), the Platform Terms, and other supplemental terms that we may agree upon from time to time (together, your “MSA”).

The Data Insight Terms will govern Car IQ’s provision to you of any reports or other analysis on the performance of (i) your fleet vehicles, (ii) authorized drivers, and (iii) the transactions that authorized drivers conduct to service your vehicles (the “Data Insight Services”). The Data Insight Services will be subject to the consideration set forth in your MSA or set forth in an applicable order form attached thereto and will constitute Services provided pursuant to the Platform Terms.

In the event of any conflict between these Data Insight Terms and other terms in, or incorporated into, your MSA, the Data Insight Terms will govern and control with respect to any use of the Data Insight Services as well as any liabilities or obligations that may arise from the Data Insight Services.


As a condition of receiving the Data Insight Services for an Active Vehicle, Customer will provide Car IQ with access to Customer’s telematics and transactional data, as well as other required data relating to Active Vehicles (“Your Data”), which must enable Car IQ to receive, in a format specified by Car IQ, for each Active Vehicle:

(a) the vehicle identification number (“VIN”);
(b) location GPS coordinates (updated no less than every five minutes);
(c) fuel levels; and
(d) odometer readings.


If you subscribe to Data Insight Reports, Car IQ will generate and deliver reports to you on a monthly basis that provide insights on Active Vehicles regarding:

(a) usage of vehicles and costs;
(b) missed cost savings due to choice of fueling locations; and
(c) possible misuse and other discrepancies.

(the “Data Insight Reports”).


From time to time you may request, pursuant to your MSA or a separate written order, a detailed analysis that estimates potential fuel savings (a “Low Cost Fuel Analysis”).  A Low Cost Fuel Analysis will include:

(i) potential savings on a unit and whole-fleet basis,
(ii) potential impact on a price-per-gallon and percentage basis, and
(iii) a list of “high-cost” fuel stations that Customer may wish to direct drivers to avoid.

In order to provide you with a Low Cost Fuel Analysis, Your Data must include, in addition to the data specified in Section 1, a transaction history covering the vehicles you wish to analyze at least 30 days immediately prior to the date that you order the Low Cost Fuel Analysis, including the following data elements for each fuel transaction:

(a) Transaction date;
(b) Account name or number;
(c) Card number (masked is okay);
(d) Product type (e.g., gas/diesel; optionally fuel grade);
(e) Gallons purchased;
(f) Total fuel cost;
(g) Merchant name;
(h) Merchant address (street address, city, state, zip).

Data Insight Reports will not include a Low Cost Fuel Analysis unless it is separately ordered and you have provided access to the data elements set forth above in a timely manner. Similarly, Low Cost Fuel Analysis will not include Data Insight Reports, unless separately ordered.


You acknowledge that the timeliness, accuracy, and completeness of the Data Insight Reports is conditioned upon Car IQ’s ability to access and receive Your Data in accordance with the specifications set forth in Section 1 and, as applicable, Section 3 above, and Car IQ will have no liability for any failure to deliver a Data Insight Report or Low Cost Fuel Analysis covering any Active Vehicles for which Your Data is not provided accordingly.


Car IQ is providing you with the Data Insight Reports and/or Low Cost Fuel Analysis solely for your internal business use and you will not share or disclose the content of the Data Insight Reports or Low Cost Fuel Analysis with any third party other than a third-party auditor or other financial advisor.  You may not seek to obtain or derive the algorithms or parameters used to provide the Data Insight Service.


You hereby warrant and agree that you will (a) inform the operators of the vehicle that their location will be tracked; and (b) use the Data Insight Service in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws.  You indemnify and hold Car IQ harmless for any use in violation of the warranties set forth in this Section.


You authorize Car IQ to analyze Your Data for purposes of providing the Data Insight Services and as set forth in this Section 7. While performing the Data Insight Services, Car IQ will track the location of your enrolled vehicles using your telematics system, and may collect personal information about the operators of your vehicles in relation to the Data Insight Services. Please see our Privacy Policy at for more information about the location and personal information Car IQ collects and why, how it is protected, and your rights. This Privacy Policy is made a part of this Agreement and the Data Insight Services constitute a Product of Car IQ for purposes of the Privacy Policy.  Car IQ may obtain insights, observations, and correlations between various measurements and attributes of Your Data (“Anonymized Observations”). “Anonymized Observations” do not include any personal information.  Car IQ may use Anonymized Observations for developing, improving and otherwise making its products and services available.


Car IQ reserves the right, at any time, to make material changes to the Data Insight Service, or discontinue the Data Insight Service, subject to a pro rata refund of any fees paid for the Data Insight Services that are not delivered as a result.

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