Streamlining that makes you feel like a genius.

Our platform streamlines reporting and eradicates the need for time-consuming back-office reconciliation; enhancing operational efficiency like never before.

Easy to deploy

Integration made easy.

Our platform integrates with your existing fleet platform and telematics. Implement quickly and with ease; increase your ROI by extending the value of your existing technology.

CarIQ Management Tools Screenshot
CarIQ Management Tools Screenshot
CarIQ Management Tools Screenshot
CarIQ Management Tools Screenshot
CarIQ Management Tools Screenshot

How Car IQ works.

We use vehicle data to let your entire fleet pay for things without an old fashioned credit card. It’s like we live in the future.

  • Car IQ - Seamless set up

    Seamless set up

    Sign in and configure your entire fleet of vehicles. We validate each vehicle and you’re in business.

  • Car IQ - Spend controls

    Spend controls

    You set all of the limits and spend restrictions for your vehicle groups.

  • Car IQ - Drivers on the go

    Drivers on the go

    With the easy to use app, drivers can unlock the pump, pay and get back on the road fast.

Driver app

We’ve revolutionized the way you pay for fuel and more.

Forget about the hassles of entering an odometer reading or PIN code, waiting in line, or struggling with uncooperative credit card readers. Our user-friendly app is designed with you in mind, turning fuel-ups into quick pit stops so you can get back on the road faster.

Location coverage

We got you covered.

Make your fleet unstoppable with nationwide merchant acceptance.  Now you can go anywhere and with our unique vehicle data you can pay for anything along the way.

Car IQ - clients mapCar IQ - clients map
Car IQ tap to pay screenshot

Tap to pay

All the options you need for your fleet on the go.

When cloud isn't available, we use vehicle data to turn on Tap to Pay and connect directly to the pump and initiate the transaction. Then, the vehicle ID is validated in real-time to complete the transaction and provide your business with the most security around.

Competitive financing

Credit without the card.

Car IQ Pay removes the need for numerous physical fleet cards completely. Now your entire fleet can charge all expenses centrally and pay in one easy bill (*terms apply). Our financing is competitive, and we have no hidden fees.

Car IQ vs Fuel Cards

The ultimate in fleet payments.

When you compare Car IQ with the competition you’ll find that we are far superior with fleet payments, fraud protection and overall ease and integration.

Car IQ
Plastic Fuel Cards
Eliminates physical credit cards
Uses vehicle data to validate each transaction
Provides a single ledger for all vehicle expenses
Eliminates back office costs including, tech support, lost, stolen cards, chargebacks, and mailing expenses
Enables Tap to pay functionality using vehicle data
Data is entered automatically
Mitigates fraud and friendly fraud


You have questions, 
we have answers.

  • What does Car IQ do?

    Car IQ Pay is the first cardless fleet payment solution. Using your unique vehicle data, Car IQ Pay connects you directly to merchants, enabling you to turn on the pump, make payments, and eliminate the hassle of credit cards.

  • What makes Car IQ different from a fleet or fuel card?

    Car IQ’s technology enables vehicles to pay for their own services. Vehicle payments through Car IQ protect against fraud, eliminate back-office reconciliation for fleets, and provide an easier and quicker way to pay.

  • What can be purchased with Car IQ Pay?

    Car IQ Pay covers fuel stations nationwide and 98% of toll gates in the US. Repair, maintenance, parking, and insurance coming soon.

  • We already offer a fuel card to our drivers, why do I need Car IQ?

    By eliminating physical cards, Car IQ eradicates back office costs related to tech support, lost and stolen cards, chargebacks, mailing expenses, and fraud. In utilizing vehicle data to authorize payments, Car IQ provides an unmatched level of security and fraud prevention, protecting your transactions like never before. What’s more, our platform streamlines all fleet expenses onto a single ledger to provide faster back office reconcilliation.

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