Innovative growth for fuel stations.

Fuel stations see faster and seamless transactions, new opportunities for innovative marketing and personalization. With Car IQ, get ready for a new era of convenience, personalization, and business growth.

Security for fuel stations

Reduce fraud and reduce chargebacks.

Our cutting-edge fleet payment platform lets you accept payments directly from vehicles without the use of traditional credit cards. It’s safe, fast and unlike anything else. It reduces card skimming, chargebacks and disputes that come with credit card fraud.

Marketing opportunities for fuel stations

Know what they want before they do.

Utilizing real-time vehicle data, merchants can create personalized, location-based offers, tailored to the needs and preferences of each driver. This not only adds to the customer experience but also actively drives increased transaction volume. Car IQ not only streamlines transactions, it also opens the door to innovative marketing opportunities for you.
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Expand your business

Partner with the future in fleet payments.

When you partner with Car IQ, you’ll have tools that go beyond simple payment processing. Get ready to connect with the fleets that frequent your business in ways that were previously unimaginable. 
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