Car IQ's Tap to Pay: Expanding Fleet Fuel Options Nationwide

Car IQ's Tap to Pay: Expanding Fleet Fuel Options Nationwide

Car IQ Team

Car IQ Team

January 22, 2024

Car IQ's Tap to Pay: Expanding Fleet Fuel Options Nationwide

The Car IQ team is excited to unveil our latest payment innovation for fleets on the go: Tap to Pay powered by vehicle data.

In situations where direct cloud connection to the pump isn’t isn’t available, Car IQ uses vehicle data to turn on Tap to Pay to initiate the transaction. The vehicle ID is then validated in real-time to complete the transaction, providing your business with the highest level of security in fleet payment.

“Say goodbye to the hassle of fleet cards and hello to seamless, universal coverage,” announces Car IQ’s CEO, Sterling Pratz, with the launch of Tap to Pay. “This solution was born from the simple question: How can we make refueling easier and more efficient, without the need for a physical card?”

Learn how Car IQ is using Tap to Pay to revolutionize the fleet fueling experience. We’ll delve into its accessibility, enhanced security, and seamless integration showcasing how it’s establishing a new standard in fleet payments. 

Universal Coverage Across the US

On our mission to make it easier to find gas stations and pay for fuel without a physical credit card, Car IQ is setting new standards with Tap to Pay. Now, in addition, Car IQ is accepted at every location that supports Tap to Pay, providing a completely digital and card-free solution. By expanding our reach and merchant acceptance, we’ve ensured that wherever your fleet goes, refueling is effortless and efficient.

A Revolutionary Digital Wallet Solution

Car IQ takes the traditional Tap to Pay experience a step further. By seamlessly integrating our core vehicle data into a digital wallet, we ensure that transactions are made only when necessary and according to your vehicle database controls. Fleet managers can rest assured that each fuel purchase is validated by sophisticated vehicle recognition technology, turning on the pump only when necessary and collecting crucial transaction data in real time. 

Unmatched Fraud Prevention

Car IQ’s Tap to Pay solution isn’t just about reaching more pumps—it’s about doing so safely and securely. Our system intelligently recognizes the need for Tap to Pay, with digital payment set to a zero limit until activated for fueling via our app. This approach ensures that card details are never exposed to drivers, significantly lowering the chances of unauthorized transactions. Plus, since our system operates without a physical plastic card, we fully eliminate all of the card skimming, chargebacks, and disputes that come with credit card fraud. With Car IQ, you gain the coverage you need with the peace of mind you deserve.

Fuel Your Fleet with Car IQ

Managing your fleet doesn’t have to be a headache. Car IQ is a better way for fleets to pay, all without the need to use a physical credit card. 

Interested in fuel options wherever your fleet goes? Let’s start a conversion today. 

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January 24, 2024

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